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"We love working with Tasha!"

~ Tim Griggs, Blue Engine Collaborative


Help On Deck

of the overwhelming feeling of having incomplete tasks. The guilt of work-life seeping into your personal life. Daunting administrative tasks monopolizing your day hindering you from working on decision-making tasks.

What We Do

Help On Deck aids business professionals in achieving work-life balance.  We specialize in providing superb virtual support to business professionals by unifying creativity, organization, and practical experience. Services are provided at an affordable customized rate to allow businesses to delegate and grow simultaneously. ​


We strive to give back and remain involved in our community and others by donating volunteer hours of our services and personal time. Partnering with and sponsoring non-profit organizations is an avenue we enjoy exploring, as helping others is what we do! 

Actively networking allows us to continuously broaden our circle of contacts and awareness to provide a meaningful experience for our clients. Serving as an Ambassador for Women's Power Networking (WPN), an 8 Rings Media and The Honor Foundation (Honor.org) Business Provider.

 Leader of Impact nominee

Proud Sponsor & Small Business Liaison for the 

Onslow County Public Library. 


"Helping others is what we love and do!"

♥ Tasha Wilmore, Owner

 "Help On Deck has been a valuable service to my business by staying on top of my calendar with reminders to me to get out the pre/post-session emails, tracking and updating client information, reminding me when I drop the ball, etc.!"
~ B.G.