"Help on Deck has provided us with reliable and professional content and services. Their efficient manner is effective. I appreciate their ability to transform my ideas into workable practical solutions."
~ M.S.

Helping Hands Program

The Helping Hands Program is a tool and resource for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners to help spark growth and implementation. One-on-one sessions allow us to "be in the trenches with you" by offering hands-on assistance to help you overcome troublesome areas in your business. No task is too small. Our goal is to help you get going and keep moving!

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Customer Care Program

Let us help you enhance your customer experience while simultaneously growing your business by using this cost-effective tool. 
No business is too small. Customer loyalty and retention is vital in every business. 
Think outside the box and do what your competition won't! 

Take the next step, access the Resource Toolkit! Get more organized, be more productive and impress your clients by using the resources in this toolkit.
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"When I reached out to Tasha, I had just an idea of a new system and process I wanted to create. She listened, did her research, and together we created a plan she is implementing and maintaining for me. Help On Deck brings ideas backed up by experience and study for consideration. When they say they will do something, they do it entirely and by the agreed-upon deadline. One bonus for me is that when a gap exists, Help On Deck sees it and brings it to the table for discussion. Tasha has become part of the team and is invested in the success of the team to reach our goal." 

~ Jess Dewell, Red Direction