National Dog Day!

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21.08.22 01:34 AM Comment(s)

Celebrating ALL Dogs – Mixed and Pure Bred

​By Lynette Newman

Why Celebrate?

Dogs put their lives on the line every day...for personal protection, for law enforcement, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting drugs and bombs and pulling victims of misfortune from wreckage, now they're detecting cancer and seizures...things even humans cannot do. August 26th is dedicated to celebrating all dogs, mixed breeds, and pure.


"Millions of dogs are killed each year because they're simply unwanted, says Colleen Paige, founder of National Dog Day. They're unwanted because no one realizes how to care for the demands of the breed properly. They're unwanted because they were bought as a Christmas gift for a child that didn't keep their promises about caring for the dog...unwanted because they shed too much...unwanted because they bark too much. UNWANTED...simply because someone changed their mind. All a dog wants to do is love you and be loved by you. Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive, and sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect. Please consider bringing what was once considered "unwanted love" into your heart and home on National Dog Day!"


Not only are dogs amazing, but they can also help their owners achieve a healthy work/life balance. Having their pooch around can encourage their owners to take daily breaks to tend to them. They also promote exercise, which also plays a part in a healthy work/life balance. Whether you’re working from home or in a dog-friendly office, your pet will encourage the frequent breaks needed to facilitate this balance.


So, if you are looking for some little furry soul just waiting to make your life complete, a great place to find a new best friend is at your local shelters and rescues.

How to Celebrate

 Adopt a dog, volunteer at a nearby shelter, donate blankets, food, and toys to an animal welfare organization, have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their furry friends, take a selfie together, take a nap together, assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog, or even buy your dog a new toy, or two, or five…

There are so many ways to celebrate National Dog Day, but whichever way you choose to celebrate it, make sure you spend some quality time with your fur baby - they deserve only the best!


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