Overcome Your Fears of Networking

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15.04.22 07:26 PM Comment(s)

Get out of your comfort zone and back into the real world of in-person events!
​By Melissa Monsman

Have you become the type of person who would rather stay in for the night than go to an in-person event? Unfortunately, you may have slipped into this category from the recent events that have consumed the last two years or maybe you’ve always been this type of person. It’s okay, but sometimes as business owners and individuals we need to step out of our comfort zone to achieve growth both professionally and personally. 

Here are some tips on building the confidence you need to step out of your house and attend that networking event you’ve been trying to attend for the past two years!

1. Think of networking as going out wanting to learn about other people's livelihoods and what fuels their passions. Networking is meant to get your name and what you do out in public, but organically starting a conversation could lead into a more intense connection that will eventually lead into your day-to-day business.

2. Remember that everyone is nervous; you will not be the only one anxious about speaking with new people. 

3. Wear something that you are comfortable and confident wearing. This will boost your confidence. 

4. Go alone as this will push you to step out and talk with new people. If you attend with a friend, you may be more likely to stick together rather than stepping out and meeting new people. 

5. You may be asking, “How do I start a conversation?” The simple answer is to look for a similarity between you and the person you’re wanting to approach. For instance, let's say a man walks in wearing your favorite baseball team's cap, talk about the latest game with him to start a conversation.         

Those are a few networking tips to help overcome the fear of stepping out in the real world. What are some networking tips that you have learned? In the comments, let us know your most successful networking tip.