A Work and Life in Balance: Tip #2 

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15.12.21 05:17 PM Comment(s)

Tips '2'  Create the Ideal Work-Life Balance
By Brionna Tillman

A work-life balance may seem almost impossible to maintain these days. We all can experience a shift in our work and life dynamics. The way they correlate and respond to our lives' ever-changing tides can be unpredictable. At Help On Deck, we offer solutions, resources, and helping hands to our clients every day to assist them with reaching their goals, whether personal or work-related. In our first blog, we introduced our number one tip to maintaining work-life balance, Get Support. We want to continue by offering you our number two tip: 

Don't Over Commit! 

This tip couldn't come at a better time. Holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. Holiday gift shopping, family obligations, meal preparations, traveling, finances, and not to mention the stress that comes along with planning all of those things. Those are just a few of the things that might be on your calendar this month. We haven't even mentioned what could be happening in your business calendar. 

So how do you work out your overscheduled calendar and gain some of the freedom you need to get back to a healthy work-life balance? We have a few suggestions!

Decline the Invite! 

That meeting that you have on the schedule? That holiday shopping trip to a crowded outlet mall with your cousins? Turn it into a short email outlining only the necessary details. Order your gifts online and pick them up in-store, or better yet, get them delivered! Later, you can share your holiday deals with your cousins in a group chat. You can find many alternatives to accepting invites that free up your calendar, free up your time, and get you back to the things you want to enjoy this holiday season.

Ditch the Superman/Superwoman Ego 

It is physically and mentally impossible to do it all. As ambitious, talented, and successful as you are, anyone knows that taking it all on will result in disaster. Burnout is real; kick-butt superheroes are not. Don't risk falling short of your own expectations by taking on so much that the quality of your work-life equilibrium hangs in the balance. 

And Remember, We are here!

Want to learn more ways to reduce stress, maintain your work-life balance, and other excellent time management tips? Check out our past blogs HOD BLOGS, our RESOURCE TOOLKITor send us a quick text below to get a call scheduled. We are always happy to help, send us a text!