So You Want to be a Traveling Entrepreneur?

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The Ultimate Work-Life Balance
By Melissa Monsman

It’s June. The sun is shining, daytime is longer and you are itching to get out of your hometown because traveling has been limited over the past two years. You work from home and have the ability to work from anywhere. Where do you imagine yourself working and living for a couple of weeks or months? The beach, mountains, or maybe somewhere in the countryside? 

This blog lists what you might need to take into account when you start your search for a vacation location if you decide to work your business while traveling. 

1. A secure and private wifi connection. Make sure the area you are staying at has a strong wifi connection, or a great cellular connection for the provider you go with. 

2. If you’ll be traveling with your family, make sure you have one room dedicated to your office space, just like you may have at home. 

3. Local coffee shops or coworking spaces if working directly in your vacation home will not work for you.

4. A nearby fedex, UPS, or USPS in case your teammates or clients would need to ship you something or vice versa. 

Maybe making traveling plans and searching for all of the above is not something that you have time for. Look no further! We’ve compiled a few hospitality websites curated for you. Try a business retreat with other like-minded business owners who can travel but would also like the ability to network with others. You can network and let your business flourish by discussing your ideas and building new ideas with other professionals.

These programs are mostly an all-inclusive deal. The prices will vary depending on the vacation spot and/or remote coworking community you decide to book with.



Remote Year

Hacker Paradise

Venture With Impact

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What is so great about all of these co-working/remote hospitality brands is that they encompass a whole self-care approach to life. It’s not only traveling and working remotely, but providing you the ability to help you find accommodations for fitness, social activities, and more. 

Help On Deck is all about helping you create a work-life balance. We are all for this type of work-life balance if traveling is your thing. Here are the places some of our Help On Deck team members would love to travel and work remotely. 

Where would you like to travel and work remotely? Tell us in the comments below.