Fear: Which Path Will You Take?

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17.04.23 07:23 PM Comment(s)

Fear keeps us from danger, but it also hinders growth. 
Focus on ways to overcome your fears to help flourish your small business.

By Melissa Monsman

Where there’s fear, there’s the opportunity for success or failure, but ultimately both will lead you to success. With one decision, you could be on the way to your most fulfilling opportunity yet. Forbes.com statistics show that 99.9% of US businesses are small. 

That’s huge! Have you been pushing away the entrepreneurial dreams because it just doesn’t seem realistic, but currently, you’re dreading the mundane day-to-day tasks? Read on. 

1. Find or create an inspirational board. Pinterest can be a great place for this. Find posts that really inspire you so that when fear starts to overtake your thoughts, you can turn to this board to help change your thoughts to the positive.

2. A second thing you can do is find a group of people who are your support system will focus on building your dream of owning your own business. This isn’t always your family or closest friends because they might add in more emotionally-based responses instead of neutral responses because they don’t want you to get hurt. They don’t want you to fail (because it would hurt you), so they may hinder your progress. Find a group of like-minded individuals looking to start a business or in the first year of their business. A good place to start the search could be Meet Up or simply by searching for local groups in your area through Instagram, Facebook, local universities who offer services for small businesses, or just ask around. 

3. And a third thing to help get your business going is to write down your business ideas.

4. These ideas can range from your reason for starting this business to the events you’d like to hold to market your business. Putting your goals down on paper and giving yourself a timeline can really kickstart your business.

If writing down your goals and creating a business plan sounds like too much, you have the option to contact Help On Deck. 

With the Helping Hands Program your ideas can finally come to fruition with the help of getting your thoughts organized and ready to implement. 

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