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Unlock the Door to Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an old pro, the bar for customer service standards is higher than ever before. Who doesn’t want to be more successful at delivering service that exceeds customer expectations?

Customers play an essential role in keeping a product or service relevant. Therefore, i...

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16.02.22 06:00 AM - Comment(s)
A Work and Life in Balance: Tip #3

The third tip in our series on creating the ideal work-life balance is to Detach From Work. In today’s reality, the lines between personal and professional can be blurry. Technology makes it all too easy to access emails, messages, data, and other business-related content. Whether you hold tradition...

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15.01.22 09:21 PM - Comment(s)
A Work and Life in Balance: Tip #2 

A work-life balance may seem almost impossible to maintain these days. We all can experience a shift in our work and life dynamics. The way they correlate and respond to our lives' ever-changing tides can be unpredictable. At Help On Deck, we offer solutions, resources, and helping hands to our clie...

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15.12.21 05:17 PM - Comment(s)